About me

My name is Lisa Retief, and I am passionate about technology, our world, and the future.

I am SVP of Engineering at Yola.com and have led the engineering team there since January 2008. In this role I am responsible for the technical team and their output. Since 2008, Yola has scaled from a beta product and handful of users to 11 million users and 9 million websites. I have been a member of the company leadership for the entire time, and have participated in all aspects of running the company.

Prior to joining Yola, I was the CEO of my own company, Sadalbari, in South Africa. Sadalbari was a software consultancy that worked in the Java and Open Source niche. Clients of Sadalbari came from different business sectors, but were frequently highly transactional enterprises such as banks. I was formally recognized for the work I did at Sadalbari when I was awarded the Technology for Women in Business award (from the Department of Trade and Industry) in 2005.

Before Sadalbari I worked at various companies (software, mobile technology, medical insurance), always in a technical leadership role.